Top 10 reasons I would hesitate to play rematch

Jan 7, 2015, 9:52 PM |
  1. You pressed the rematch tad too slow and I started another game (feeling energitic)
  2. You are foul mouthed and or un-sportive in the chat window
  3. You are a higher rated player or an interesting game that I just won. I want to replay the moves and cherish my victory. Let it sink in.
  4. I am in between chores and taking a quick break
  5. You are too strong for me and in a league that I cannot enter/compete with my current skills. Time for reality check
  6. I am soon getting into a tournament and cannot play another game before it starts
  7. I am too tired and feel I am not playing my best game
  8. After comprehensive advantage (like extra queen) you still would not resign prolonging the game for ever.
  9. I am already 2 games up and would have to play 3 more games to resolve the contest
  10. I done feel like playing rematch. Nothing personal against you.