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Please join

Please join

Jul 15, 2013, 8:01 PM 1

Please join the group King Attackers!!! We need more players. We have an incredible amount of learning. We have a lot Vote Chess. Matches are occurring. Just want to chat? No chess? Absolutely no problem (just don't get rudeSmile). No chatting? Still, no problem just play our fantastic chess matches and vote chess.


We do not have to invite you to our group. First of all, any one all over the world can join. Sencond of all, to join our group, scroll up to the section "SHARE", click it. Then scroll down until you see a section called "Join a group". After that, type in, above in the long box "King Attackers!!!" (without quotation marks). Click the one with the Camo-picture and then join the group. Then you are off!


Thank you for joining King Attackers!!! We really appreciate your kindness!"

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