History of the Yeti

Apr 2, 2008, 6:54 PM |

Part II

At the turn of the century twisted mollusca dominated much of the animal kingdom, ruling with iron clad musculature and an unrivalled tenacity.  Although placid in nature, these unlikely overlords became corrupted by their own lips, and were to become creatures of incredible barbarity, smearing their cold ways upon the books of history like unwanted saliva.

Yeti's, hapless like the rest, were at the mercy of monkey body lips, which were young then, and continued to operate covertly in the hope of autonomy.  Fed on a heady diet of chicken milk served in ceremonial cups, a new generation of yeti's banded together and the resistance was born. Under the masterful tutelage of Yerling Mernans and Thonse Bonatheril, two eminent meta-physical zeitgeists of the then yeti elite, throngs of eager lungs breathed mutiny.

Great Battle of Mibbs 1904 [yeti's depicted as angels for superstitious reasons]