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another cheating trick?

another cheating trick?

May 14, 2016, 3:52 PM 1

OK. I just played a game of bullet chess. I got so sick of the cheating on bullet chess that I set up a camera to video the games. First game I video, sure enough. My mouse starts working intermittently. Not a good thing in one minute games. Then it stops working altogether and my opponent just keeps moving and wins easily. As soon as the game is over, my mouse starts working perfectly again. My signal strength was fine, my browser is fine. There is no doubt that the dude did something to shut down my mouse. I now have a video copy of a cheater. I have blocked him and I would be glad to forward the tape to chess.com. His name is jcrema19. I know he'll just deny it and others will come up with some excuse of a technological reason, but I have a copy of the video, if anyone wants to see it. If the person is innocent (don't know how, but...) then I apologize, but if you come across this player in a game, just be careful. I will now video all my games from now on.

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