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New blog on cheating

New blog on cheating

May 4, 2016, 10:43 AM 0

I am an author, so why not start a new blog. I just finished a one minute bullet game where my time went from 30 seconds to 5 seconds. Also a friend observed a 3 minute game that I was playing thet other day and I was destroying my opponent.My friend messaged me and told me that my opponent left the game three times. Every time he came back, there was 15 seconds missing from my time and pieces had been moved. My opponent was able to suddenly be in a winning position and won the game. I didn't know this until my friend told me that's what he saw. I realize that lags and browsers can play a part, but having my pieces move and disappear? Not very subtle.

I watched the great video of Maurice Ashley on YouTube playing a trash talking hustler in the park. The film was slowed down to show the hustler using sleight of hand tricks like a magician to move pieces and even to take pieces off the board. Maurice saw what he was doing, laughed, and still won, of course. It was very funny, but it is a sad example of how pervasive cheating is. So, from now on I am going to video my speed games and then watch them afterwards and time the moves. If I catch someone cheating, I will report the cheater to chess.com and I also always block the cheater, anyway.If chess.com wants, I can forward them the video. It might give chess.com some help in figuring out what software these low-lifes are using and at least get them kicked off the site. If 1,000 of us start doing this, it might make a dent in the cheating. I know some people are so annoyed, that they are researching where they can buy the software to control their games, too, just to levei the playing field.

Then, it won't even be chess anymore. On-line chess will devolve into a battle like in Call of Duty and other videogames that my sons play.I prefer good old-fashioned chess myself. I won't mention any names of my opponents, because I don't want to falsely accuse anyone. I'll let chess.com decide how they want to handle it. They probably know all of the engines and software that are out there, but they can't monitor every game. Perhaps this will be helpful. I'll let you know how it turns out. Then at least my friends won't think I am a sore loser, a whiner, a crybaby, and less delicate terms that I have been called. When I show them a video of one of these games, redemption will be mine. Finally! lol

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