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2013 - new world

2013 - new world

Nov 21, 2012, 9:47 AM 5

the situation that this world faces is massive and many are not mentally prepared. awareness is good because when times get harder and worst your mind set will be able to cope with the pressure that may face you. the world economy is dying and will not effect the ones with wealth or investments. the governments will not allow the people to fight for what they want for there country. this global debt can not be fixed and its time to prepare before the collapse. its time to get your house in order keep your family close and remain focus and positive. the bankers messed up and were greedy which has left strong economies exposed to collapse. An economic collapse is possible but they are printing money to cover up the problem that the western economies have which is there broke. printing money doesn't help economies but make them worst. the debt will increase and the collapse will be worst. we cant change the course of debt we now see but we can atleast prepare and enjoy what freedoms we have left. be strong be ready be happy..2013 party time

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