A window to the world

Jul 5, 2008, 7:58 PM |

    I just discovered that i have the free option of putting a blog up. What an odd idea for a chess site. You mean people will WANT to hear me rave about such obtuse and disparate topics as 'Did the South have to lose the American Civil War" to "Globalization, Good or Evil?" or even about how much i hate adverting? Sure, we live in the Information Age but who wants to read this stuff? It is bad enough we put up with 'experts' on CNN, but to read and acknowledge the writings of a possible madman? The very idea of a blog is seductive. It makes the writer feel important, a purveyor of knowledge, a sayer of things that need to be said, at one with the New York Times and Fox News!

    But actually it is nothing more then yelling into the cyber-wind. Few, if any, will read this thing let alone comment upon it. I marvel again at the idea that blogs are so commonplace that Erik feels the need to offer them to every member (even non-paying!) 

Perhaps, writing blogs is for the writer, not the reader? Maybe I'm supposed to exorcise demons, big and small. A electronic form of the rant? But that would be of even less interest to readers, so why do blogs become so popular?


You got me!