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the worst day ever

the worst day ever

Dec 6, 2007, 6:50 PM 1

i konw your supposed to keep your personal and online life seprate... but i had the most horrible day imagined. here it goes:

this morning on my way to school, i wanted to get something to eat so i did. turns out that i was going to be late, so i ran to school- 2 avenues away. the only problem is i have asthma. i got to school on time, but i  had an asthna attack. not to bad, but that afternoon, a juice in my lunch box spilled, riuning my lunch box and my my lunch and upseting a classmate around me because it spilled on its jacket. i was hungry. but, after that, i got a science test back that i really studied for and got an 81. not to bad, but considering that i don't study for science test and usaully get 95's and almost everybody else got a 98, i was heart broken.  you think that's it? oh no, there's more. being a senior, i get a meaningful graduation ring. i try it on,  2 sizes to big. i took a religion test that was way to hard, i got in trouble  twice, and  i have 3 tests tomorrow.

i thought afterschool it might get better, but the universe had it out for me. i got lost,  but i found my way and took the bus, but  i lost my wallet, lost the 2 dollars in the wallet to buy the bus fair, and spent all my money on the soda that spilled. in otherwords, i had to walk home- 10 blocks away. i was so upset, i cried. but many of my classmates saw me and i was super embaressed.

that was my day, unabriged and sad. 

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