Game 40: Jan 14, 2014

Jan 14, 2014, 10:00 PM |

This marks my first game of the New Year.  I played against Bob.  This was my fourth game against Bob - as luck would have it, I have played the white pieces each time.  Until now, victory has proven to be elusive!

Bob opens with the French defense.  On all our previous encounters, he had played the Sicilian defense.  He plays the classical variation, and I am out of book on move 7, where I ponder Qg4 or f4... I don't think I chose correctly, and find myself squeezed out the opening.

During the middlegame, the gloves come off, and I slowly manage to maneuver myself to what I consider a position where I can maneuver my pieces, but my opponent feels handcuffed in terms of options.

My opponent decides to sacrifice a piece for 2 pawns, and exciting battle ensues.

At the end of the game, my opponent and I analysed move #46 - which was perceived as a blunder on my part (with his 46th move also a blunder).  He surmisses that if he had moved 46...Rb1, that he could have won the game.  However, I will analyse it further and see if that plays out. 

As usual - full game analysis to follow at some point!