Game 44: Mar 11, 2014

Mar 11, 2014, 9:05 PM |

This game is versus Morris.  One of the higher rated members of the club.  I always seem to do well against Morris.  He plays the only opening as white that I've seen him play - the Bird.  Ironic, as I have been seeing more and more of this opening lately.

He tends to have an advantage in the early game, but makes a critical error on move 37 with g4, allowing me to get a large advantage with f4! 

I squander the advantage away, as after a long sequence, I fail to see a critical pin, which returns the advantage to him.

He threatens to mate, and I counter with my own threat - to draw.  He concedes to a Queen exchange - throwing his immediate threats away - and we move on to an endgame that I won quite neatly.