October 8th 2013 Game

Oct 14, 2013, 10:33 PM |

This was my 35th over the board rated tournament game with a 2 hour time control.  It was against Ron.  

I had taken a break so it was my first OTB game in several months. 

It was ultimately decided by a touch-move blunder at the end, but I was unsure if it was even or if I was losing at that point.  We continued the game "for fun" afterwards as if I had not made the blunder, and I drew it.  I will annotate the game myself over the next several evenings.

1.d4 e6
I played e6 here rather than Nf6 because I had prepared against Stan - the opponent I was originally paired against.  Stan would likely have followed with Nf3, and from my new repertoire book, I would have played c5, inviting a Sicilian or an English.  This section was the limit of my study.
2. c4 Nf6 However, Ron plays the standard c4 move.  My repertoire book suggests ..Bb4+ in response, but since I am not as familiar, I chicken out and play Nf6 into a standard Indian posture that I'm more familiar with.  I'm not sure how to play a Bogo Indian without a N on f6, so I will wait and see Ron's next move to determine which direction to go.
3.Nc3 Bb4
So, it's to be a Nimzo.
I'm well aware that in the Nimzo, I typically mix up the Samitch plans with the Qc2.  Pledging not to do this, I instead play...
my original repertoire book suggests Nc6 instead.  My NEW repertoire book actually suggests 3..b6 (Nf6 not being played yet) as an alternative line.  Even with the board as is, I don't think 4...b6 is an error, though I need to learn and stick with my chosen repertoire lines.
5.e6 c5 With e6, I feel Ron's on a bit of autopilot with his setup.  My considerations here are to complete the fianchetto Bb7, challenge d4 with c5, or move the N to c6.  Ultimately, I chose c5 to advance the pawn in front of the c6 square, and in the event of a pawn exchange, I will have more central pawns.  Currently looking at Nc6, I believe that if I later wish to move d6, the c6 square is vulnerable, and also, the N gets in the way of the bishop.  Since I ultimately move Nc6 on move 10, I must reconsider these thoughts at that time.  The Bb7 move might not be too bad either, since it allows some monkeying about with the e4 square - but all of those tactics will come too late if he plays a3 next, which he does.
6.a3 Bxc3+
After a3, my recapture is forced, and he takes with the Queen (not the pawn), as this was the point of the Qc2 move in the first place.
..more to follow.