60 hours on TT

May 30, 2009, 3:13 AM |

Hi everyone, today I made my 60 th hour in tactics trainer! with almost 4000 problems done! Tactics trainer as always been my favorite feature on chess.com and the only real reason to become premium, I used chess tactics server before but this one is way better, I used to play blitz and bullet for hours and hours, now I quit those and do tactics instead maybe it will improve my ranking, but I just keep doing the same mistakes over and over again Cry

Untill Oct 2008 I was rated around 1800 there but then I started practicing some more and jumped to 2000 Now Iam quite safe on 2100 most of the time I solve tactics for around 2200 but it fluctuates a lot.

My aim is to beat my higest rating again Laughing 2420 I'v been close a few days ago 2415! To do at least 1hour tactics daily and to get confortable on the 2200 mark.

I used to stop at every problem thats why I only have 60 hours yet, most of the time I was watching the exercices I done, probably would use more time there then finishing the exercices, now I'm only stoping at the ones I fail, that makes exercices come much faster, but I also make worst decisions like this, but I hope more is better! Laughing

Ill keep doing them mainly because I find it fun and it must be more useful then hours of 1m bullet in online servers! Later Ill post some more about TT, maybe some exercices I find interesting there and some games with good tactics.