Cheating in chess

May 25, 2009, 9:00 AM |

This was my answer to this blog post:


I don't use any assistance or even the analises board, since I just move the first thing that comes to my mind, probably thats why I suck :(

But if we think about it using any kind of external help, even a magazine should be considered as cheating, thats the same as steroids on fotbol or Rugby the point is to allow the players to achieve better performances then they would whitout any help... There is the argument:

Engines are cheating because they do everything for you no need to think!

My answer to this is easy get 2 guys with the same computer and even the same engine the one that looks a little deeper into computers and study technology will win everygame easy even with slower hardware than is opponent.

So If engines are considered cheating because they "think for you" What you think you are doing when you open your chessbase and search 1 zillion games for an opening? That won't be 1 computer making all the thinking for you, that will be 1 PC and 1 zillion of humans that played the games move by move for you...

Basically my point is easy if you use anything at all that will improve your performance in a way you could not normally do then you are cheating...