A new Chess Software for Symbian mobile phones as just arrived! Cellphones with this little program can already beat plenty of the regular chess games created to run on regular laptop PC’s under Windows enviroment.

This program was developed by Convekta, a Chessbase rival whose best know product is the chess database manager Chess Assistant.
After I got the knowledge that this software existed I decided to try it. I was not expecting good results at all due to the processing speed of normal cellphones is really low. Anyway since it was cheap I bought the game and installed it on my Nokia N70, the purchase around 20$ was really fast and the delivery was automatic.
This game comes with two version, a Symbian 2.0 and one Symbian 3.0 version that will only work on new cellphones like Nokia N80. Together with the game it came an opening book for the game (Hard to install) and the instructions manual teaching us how to install it (Weak documentation).
To install the game is kinda easy, we simply have to send the file to the phone through bluetoot or cable connection and the application will do the install automatically.

Everything was running smoothly.

The problem starts after the install is done, we start the game but there is no instruction manual, after I contact Convekta to ask about it I was told that it does not exist yet and they are making it (for months now) luckly I found a good article about it on chesscafe website.
Even with blitz time control 5 minutes this game beats me really easy (I play for around 1900).
According to Convekta information the engine is rated 2200!
Some problems I found out during my time using/testing the program is that it causes the phone to really slow down and I end up having to remove the battery from my phone because it freezes when I try to leave the game.

On the overall I have to consider this the best cellphone chess game available, so this is a must for all chess lovers using a recent cellphone! :)

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