is dedicated to becoming the premier online community for chess players around the world. aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where chess players of all skill levels can learn, contribute, play, build, chat, and share. was built by experienced developers and dedicated chess players is a new website it as only around 1 year of existence and is already one of the bigger and best chess websites around, it as an huge amount of information, several ways to play online for free, “online chess” = Correspondence chess where a player as from 1 to 14 days per move. Or the new “Live chess” feature where we enter the new chess server, with an interface completely created by them altough still in a “Beta” phase so there are some bugs around, I defenitely recommend you try it using FireFox 3, youl get addicted!

Another imporant feature from is theyr great forum where thousands of players from all around the world exchange messages, ideas, suggestions or just as for some help.

If you are looking to improve your chess level, then is the right stop for you, it as an amazing feature the “Tactics Trainer” where you have more then 10000! Tactis problems to train, and you get rated by the way you solve every puzzle and the time you take on doing it!

But the tactic trainer ain’t the only good learning feature on, you will also get tons of anotated games by the masters! Including the game of the week where they search on all the week games played at top level, to give us what they consider the most instructive game of them all, always higly anotated by masters.
If you love books, you are going to love Chess Mentor, it consists on chess classes written by top trainers and masters, on several subjects that will most likely improve your understanding of the game and help you get pratical results!

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