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d4 opening finishing with a nice mate (Online chess)

d4 opening finishing with a nice mate (Online chess)

Jun 28, 2009, 7:30 AM 1

This was my game from 

World League Round 4: Indonesia vs Portugal - Board 36

I started with 1d4 entering in a usual stonewall format with e3 and f4 I blunder a pawn early on at move 10 after a very bad g4 but my opponent went very wrong after winning the pawn, allowing me to take is d5 pawn, and getting the center really turned things dangerous for black. At move 18 I get material up and the start of a mating attack. 20 Qf4 simple chess attacking f7 and over prottecting e3. 20 c5 Bd2 simply developing my last piece and getting my A rook into the game.

22.Rxf7 was already with an eye on the sac I made on the next move. 23 Rg7+! I think this is unstoppable now, on Kh8 I would go Bc3 and no stopping the mate, the other choice was KxR Bc3+ anyway, can you see the rest? 26Rf1+ this R is vital for the tactic to work!

Very nice game my opponent could have defend a little better but it was a nice attak anyway :)

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