First defeat on FaceBook application

Feb 4, 2010, 1:23 PM |

I just started playing on faceBook a 2 days ago and was feeling invencible :) It was rather easy to win those games so I started playing more than 30 at the same time and would just blitz all my moves.
When I saw the Alekhine I felt I was getting some kind of pawn storm but did not know what to expect from my opponent if he played ok or not... after move 4 e6 I thougth it would not be too complicated because the book move here is d6 e6 is way too passive and makes no sense. But I toke my time instead of f4 just toke my nigth out with Nf3. At this point Rybka 3 gives me +0.5 wich is quite good. Bb4+ Nc3 d5.
I went exd rybka after some time prefers c5 but its still better +0.6 with exd as played.
8Bd3 just developing. Got so many gmes at the same time that Ill do every develop move I can despite having some tactical chances.
Bd7 0-0 White as almost finished development and stands much better. To be honest I did not give any thougth on why Bd7 now it is clear the idea Bh4 but Qb3 is still the best move I guess.
Na6 A night on the rim is dim I just kept thinking my opponent was playing bad this wont take long :)
Bf4 finishing development and getting ready to start grabbing material and open up the game.
0-0 Here is my chance! Ill just hit te d pawn! Ne4!!!
Ba4?? omg he could play this???
And this was my first defeat on FaceBook application Embarassed