funny 2400 rated problem

Jun 4, 2009, 1:29 PM |

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This puzzle was rated 2400 in Tactics trainer, I managed to find the solution



I saw that after taking the N, black would win easy with Qc6+ hitting my Queen, so I started looking for mates, was tempted by Qh2+ I saw if black goes K g6 I would win the Q easy with Qh6+, but black can simply go Kd4 and no good continuation for white after.

So I gave up on Qh2+ and started to look at Qh8+ I saw Kd6 followed by Qh6 winning the Q again so I just moved it.

But now instead of Kd6 black goes Qd6 damn! Cry If I take the N he can just take my B no good for me :( So I had a new idea Qh2+ followed by Qb2+ hitting the Q again! Too bad if I do that is king moves away from the diagonal, Qe2 he just runs with Kd4, so I went for the only option left to me Qb8+ with the same idea Kd4 Qb2 and there goes the Q! I just went for it! Qb8+ but the Qd6 blocking again damn!Cry

I quickly saw after Qb2+ Qb4 if I go Qh2+ he can't block with the Q I would just take it, so I did it. Qb2+ Qd4 Qh2+ (I'm almost there!)... f4 Cry sniff I missed this s**t! on Qe2+ with the idea Kd6 Qe6+ came to my mind but then he would simply go Qe3+ bloking my + and trading Queens, so I saw Qh8+ King as to move d6 or f5 and finally I can take the Queen!

Long Puzzle but I made it Laughing