Great tactic

May 30, 2009, 1:18 PM |

White to play and win!

Amazing problem from tactics trainer, rated 2402 now the pass rate is 22%

The right solution given starts with****************************************************************************


Qh8+ BxQ forced Ng5+ hxg Qe7+ Kg8 Qf8+ Kh7 QxB#

I went Ng5+ instead

NM David Forthoffer says this:

Of course, 1. Ng5+ fails to hg 2. Qh8+ Kxh8! 3. Qe8+ Kh7 and WHITE will be mated shortly.

I can see this line:

Ng5+hxg Qxg+ KxQ Qe6+

Kh7 Qf5+ on Kg8 I guess the best is perpetual Qc8+

on Kh8 Qf8+! Kh7 QxB#

Not sure if it is correct, did not use any engine, even not as forced as Qh8+ it still is quite a good line, anyway I liked the puzzle so I posted it here, hope you enjoy it as much as I did and learn from it, thats the point! Laughing