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Loosing to idiots?

Loosing to idiots?

Nov 10, 2008, 2:03 PM 3

Don't you feel after some looses that you just lost to a complete idiot that you could beat silly blindfold?

Well I do often, not when I just blunder some piece and have to resign, but when right from the start, I completely dominate the game, get to be the only one to create a plan and to convert it, but then something goes very wrong, I blunder some piece or some tactic appears that makes me loose material, and our opponent ends up winning the game where he did nothing at all.

In chess games players just have too much courtesy for their opponents everyone congratulates the opposition after a loss, we say stuff like, very well played or I never saw that one coming!

When most of the times what we mean is you silly monkey how tha f#*k did I blunder the st*#d pawn against such a bad player! Youl never ever will get me again unless I'm completely drunk!

I think from now on I will just say after a loss sh/# just lost to an idiot again!

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