mandatory chess in school "Portugal"

May 11, 2009, 4:13 AM |

There is a school in Portugal, that just a few years ago started to teach chess as "mandatory" it is named "31 de Janeiro" located in Parede Portugal, they must be doing something right since they are now Fide world champs in U-10 and both the teachers and parents are quite happy about it and say everyschool should have it. They refer to the interest demonstrated by the pupils on both chess itself and the other curriculum activity's. If it works for them, it would work for others too, its just hard/expensive to start, but if you think about it what would be better. have your kids learning chess, or getting the school to rent a bus to be able to take your kids to the beach during the summer? Or tenis class, football, or some other sport schools offer to our kids. Obviously every sport as its advantages, but very few or even none offer so much benefits as chess does!