My chess training thoughts (improvments and lack of them)

Oct 16, 2009, 3:50 PM |

Hello, during this last year I spent quite some time on TT (Tactics Trainer), I was under the impression that tactics meant the most for rapid fast improvement, yes I don’t like slow things… So I trained hours and hours, first the month of Dec until late Jan I was on for hours each day and was rated around 2200 on TT(Tactics Trainer), than I stopped for some time got a job lol and would only log on sporadically from time to time and my TT(Tactics Trainer) rating went down to what I would consider normal at the time 2000/2100 then during March/April I spent some more time there and would go between 2000/2200 most of the times 2200; but with a great difference between days. Stopped once again and on June toke more seriously once again and my rating really was between 2200/2300 But Jul came and so did summer holydays and the beach J chess was left behind until this last week I decided to take the 10 days trial J and see how I was playing, was expecting to be around 2000/2100 so I was quite surprised to see how easily I was getting the 2300 problems right and I’m quite safe in the 2400 rating area for now.

This has not been as linear as it sounds like, even during June when I was training the most I still had plenty of days when I simply would miss everything and get back to 1900 or worst. In classic time control games OTB(over the board)  I’ve lost so much I really gave up on competitive chess. People would tell me evolution is a slow process (Like the 50cent song lol) it may take 2 or 3 years to work. But I never thought that way, for me this was just like any other sport, if we train harder and daily no matter how talented the others are we will eventually become better. And it was difficult to see that chess really isn’t like that at all, some persons even without never study any chess tactics just have a feeling for it, and even without great tactics some persons just completely shine on OTB(over the board) games, while others unfortunately like me just completely suck on OTB(over the board).

Despite that my new approach to TT(Tactics Trainer) here made me rethink my approach to chess training, maybe it really is a slow process.

I guess all this text was just to say how good I am now that I just beated my highest score ever on TT(Tactics Trainer)


2455 (16 Oct 2009

So be aware J