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Nice rooks endgame

Nov 9, 2008, 11:52 AM 0

I just played a game in FICS standard time control, I was black and white instead of going for Nxf7 goes Qf3, I go QxN BxN and now what to do, I had no idea, engines goes Nd4 allowing Qxf7+ I obviously did not like it and since I was facing and opponent with lower rating than I did I had no problems in ruining my structure but getting in an endgame so I go Qf6 and we exchange some more pieces leaving me with the B pair for 2 double pawns, I go f5 trying to trap the Bishop andstarting a kingside expansion to try and attack but then white goes 0-0-0 it was a bit suprising for me, I went Bg4 looking for the f3 move so white gets a weak g2 pawn for me to work with. White goes b3 and I see an oppurtunity to attack is queenside, then white finds a good move e4, but probably did not follow it in the best way and we end up in a R+RvsR+R endgame, it looks completely drawish, but I was going to try it anyway, first I cut white king mobility and access to kingside with my rook, then my plan is to round up and attack the f pawn, we endup exchanging f pawns, now this really looks drawish but I win his b pawn and I manage to advance my own h pawn and queen it.


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