Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Nov 12, 2008, 8:46 AM |

: Steven Zaillian
Writers (WGA): Fred Waitzkin (book)
Steven Zaillian (screenplay)
Release Date: 11 August 1993 (USA)
Genre: Drama
Josh Waitzkin is a typical American boy interested in baseball when one day he falls in love with chess after watching some guys playing in the park, he then challenges his father at chess and wins. Showing unusual precocity at the outdoor matches at Washington Square in New York City, he quickly makes friends with a hustler named Vinnie who teaches him speed chess. Josh’s parents hire a renowned chess coach, Bruce Pandolfini, who teaches Josh the usefulness of measured planning. Along the way Josh becomes tired of Bruce’s system and chess in general and purposely throws a match, leaving the prospects of winning a national championship in serious jeopardy.


Max Pomeranc Josh Waitzkin
Joe Mantegna Fred Waitzkin
Joan Allen Bonnie Waitzkin
Ben Kingsley Bruce Pandolfini
Laurence Fishburne Vinnie

Michael Nirenberg Jonathan Poe

Robert Stephens Poe’s Teacher
David Paymer Kalev

Hal Scardino Morgan

Vasek Simek Russian Park Player
William H. Macy Tunafish Father
Dan Hedaya Tournament Director
Laura Linney School Teacher
Anthony Heald Fighting Parent

Steven Randazzo Man of Many Signals