Chessbase is one of the best chess websites around, it comes in three languages English (Main) Deutsche and Spanish languages. The website is a commercial website the idea is to sell their own products, the best know of them all is the powerful chess engine Fritz or the database manager with the same name as the website Chessbase now in the version 10
Chessbase is the creator of the biggest online chess server Playchess

The most popular chess server in the world. More than 5000 players online every night. 200,000 games per day. Top grandmasters playing, free chess training, live events with audio commentary, free chess tournaments with prizes every day, simultaneous exhibitions, special beginners and computer chess rooms.

The downside of the website and the company products is that they are too commercial for the more serious masters and they can be too “aggressive” for new users that play for fun, thats why programs really user friendly like the chessmaster series steals so many buyers from chessbase even with a very weak engine compared to Fritz

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