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Bad Experiments

Bad Experiments

Aug 27, 2011, 12:14 PM 1

So, I was playing around with a gambit today called the Falkbeer countergambit today. It is a countergambit against the King's gambit.

What this does is open up black's pieces so he can now attack white's kingside weakness. Now as we continue...

That is the common continuation of it. Another one is 3... e4. But I was trying a different version.  This version has a name: the Nimzowitsch Counter Gambit.
It is believed that this gives more choices for black than 3... e4. So, I wanted to show you a game that I started to play that is terrible for black.
Now, if you noticed, when the knight moved out to d5 or something like that, it automatically let White win. But, if he did anything else, like move the queen over to block that checkmate, it would have been a long and terrible game for black.
I continued that game by doing:
White still won, but it just took a LOT longer. So, tell me what your thoughts are if you have any! I would love to here them.

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