Chess Tournament Win

Mar 30, 2012, 7:09 AM |

Happy Easter everyone! I went to a chess tournament in the beginning of March at which we played 5 games. I won one game out of the five and my one win probably should have been a loss. But my first three losses were actually really close and exciting, so I am not very depressed about those losses. The last game I played though you could tell my brain was fried because I played so terribly. I basically lost it right away when I moved my knight to the middle of the board. And that may sound like a pretty good move until you find out that the knight was pinned to my queen. Oops.

So anyways, about the one win. As I said before I probably should have lost the game. Here is the game by itself:

That game was pretty scary. Now, black should have at least drawn that game. I went over this a few times. What Black should have done was take the rook on g3 with his rook and then I would take with my knight. Then it would be Queen and Knight vs. Queen and Rook which is much better than being checkmated. If black played that move, as I figured out afterwards, the game probably would have ended up in black's favor. Either a draw or a very close endgame would be the result, and depending at how good my opponent was at endgames, it could have gone either way in the endgame. Since there are so many possible moves that could have been played after the exchange of 41... Rxg3 42. Nxg3, I won't go over it. If you would like I can make some post that includes that information, but for now this is all.

That was a really fun game, especially since I won. The rest of my games were fun as well! Chess is a fun game. Well, I hope enjoyed this post and got something out of it. Have fun having fun!