Suprising 1 minute Game

May 2, 2012, 9:32 AM |

I was playing Live Chess today and I played a game that I am now very proud of, and with a 1 minute time control! Now the moves leading up to my Moment are filled with mistakes because, c'mon, we each have less than a minute on our clocks. And the opening is weird as well. My opponent just let me build a nice big wall, although he did break it up eventually which allowed me to create my Moment. So let's take a look:

Ok, now I want to see if you can find the move that is called My Moment! Try it out:








Cool, huh? I was very proud of my self. Then it continued on where he moved his rook right next to his king, attacking my queen, but I just took the bishop and checkmated him. Well, I just wanted to share that. I love it when moves just appear to me, especially in 1 minute chess games. :)