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My first Video in USA (Almost 8 months) ^^

My first Video in USA (Almost 8 months) ^^

Jan 25, 2008, 11:32 AM 2

I born in Peru (Lima) and I came in 06/02/2007 to the united states, almost without nothing but thanks to my family (cause the families are biggers) my uncles was take care about me and my brother, now I have 2 jobs, Im studing and in one of my jobs I have my little office and I play chess there Tongue out. now Im tace care about my mother and my brother and we have now an Apartment, Car, Computer, TV W/cable, Internet, some new clothes, food (lol) and more Cool. Im very very happy for that cause I was working soo hard for be somebody here, and now... couple weeks ago I made a video about how we are living here (orlando-florida) , and we're doing well we'll continue giving big steps.. BIG STEPSS to have a good future soon.

So now I'll show you my video is on Youtube.com

Title: My first video in usa (with just 7 months)


 I hope you enjoy about my history,


 Fernando Jesus

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