2012 Newport Summer Open Round 3

Jun 20, 2012, 12:27 PM |

Round 3 started at about 6 pm. It switched to the longer time controls of 40/90 + SD/30. I had 1/2 and was paired against Russell Miller. A solid and tenacious player but he was rated about 200 pts below me, so I was the expected winner but I usually try not to think about ratings during the game lest I distract myself and lose focus from the task at hand.

 So after 3 rounds I was 2/3. I was pretty happy with my level of play. No glaring blunders in any of the games. Though disappointed with my loss in round 1, I felt I had played well all day. Time to relax on the beach for a bit get some food, some rest and come back for day 2.