2012 Newport Summer Open Round 4

Jun 21, 2012, 11:11 PM |

Going into round 4 I had 2/3 and I was paired against David Wen. He is a strong junior from Corvallis. I've seen him at tournaments in the last couple years, and hes about 170 pts higher rated than me, so I wasn't optimistic about my chances, but it was the first game on Sunday, so I had lots of energy, and I thought that I played well on Saturday, so I gave myself decent chances. I had white against him, so that helps too.

And so now I had 2.5/4. I still felt like I was playing well, and that entire game really neither of us had anything significant, so the draw was a fair result. The other players competing for the U1800 prize all had at least a half point less then me, so I was sort of excited that, unless I lost and they won in the last round, I'd be "in the money".