2012 Oregon Winter Open Part 3

Jan 17, 2013, 9:00 PM |

Sorry for the delay between posting this and my previous 2 games, I got distracted and never got motivated to do it, but now I am.

Round 3 of the tournament started at approximately 6 PM. By this time I was tired of chess and just tired in general. Good excuses for the subsequent loss I endured, but really I just sort of played poorly. I had black against Alfred Pechisker, who was rated ~2175. The rest of my thoughts will be included in the game.

That was round 3. On some level I was frustrated to lose the game in such a blunderriffic fashion, but on the other hand, when I'm playing someone ~500 points higher than me, it softens the loss by couching it in statistical certainty and numerical precision. 1.5/3 after day 1, which is better than I had been expecting, and overall I was pleased with my level of play. One large blunder in my 3rd game, but solid play in the first two. I was ready to go to my friends house and get some sleep. 

edit: just fyi, round 3 I was on board 2!!!!! It was thrilling to be sitting so close to the top board. I felt like a good player just by association.