A strange attack

Aug 27, 2008, 10:25 AM |

This is a game I just played here using a 24/hours a move setting, and as per typical of my games with this opponent, they have been fast and wild and this game was no exception. I know there are lots of ways I could have played it better as for several moves my pieces moved around rather uncoordinatedly, but in the end they all worked together to trap the enemy king in front of his pawns.

I really enjoyed the tactics in this game, even though clearly both the attack and defense missed some opportunities. At first I thought I would be on the defensive after white played Bxf7+, but thanks to my strong center I managed to gain the attack and drive whites pieces into a rather uncoordinated placement. The knights either blocked rooks or bishops or were on the edges.

If anyone reading this wants to review it in greater depth and tell me some better options feel free to do so.