MLK JR Day tournament

Jan 17, 2011, 8:55 PM |

This isn't going to have much description of the games, just the barebones. I played in a tournament today: 5 games, 45 minutes a game. End result: 2 wins 2 draws 1 loss. Not terribly inspired play by me, but with only 45 minutes, its hard to play perfectly.


I played the awkward Re3 without much thought and kept trying to justify it, and thus got into that ugly position with his Rd1+. Luckily nothing much came of it.
I have played Matt a couple dozen times over the years, and he definitely is getting stronger and stronger. His father Dan was the TD and is quite a friendly guy.
When I went into that ending line, I thought that the Bishop was protecting from backrank mate on c1, but it turned out it was protecting d1. And thus I got in trouble and lost the rook. So I resigned. I really should have looked at that more before I played bxa4.
Felt pretty good about this game. I really just capitalized on my opponent's mistakes rather than playing well myself, but took some perserverence to make get the point.
I am sure somewhere in there I could have won that endgame, but I wasted a bunch of tempo playing Ke6-Kf6-Ke6. I didn't really catch onto the plan of a5 Rb6 until it was too late. So I had to trade my 2 pawns for his a pawn, then I just gave a draw by repetition.