My (awful) performance pt. 2

Sep 3, 2008, 12:02 PM |

Day 2 of the tournament: I scored a big 1/2 point on Sunday. Both of my games took a long time, one because it was a long game and the other because my opponent was deaf and didn't hear my draw offers, and took a long time to move even simple things like he physically moved slowly, not like he thought alot (which he probably did).

My first game was against David Stubbs who was visiting oregon from maine and signed up.


My second opponent was a crazy old guy. No offense to him if he reads this. He looked like he was about 70-75. He wore short athletic shorts and a t shirt and a sportcoat. He also had on a baseball cap with a huge bill that was pulled down mostly over his face so I couldn't see him. And he muttered to himself saying things like 'shit, arse, tits, oi'm fucked now, balls,' etc etc. I offered him a draw about 25 moves into the game, and he didn't say anything so I figured he had declined it. Then like 5 moves later I offered him another draw and he looked at me then got up and went to the bathroom. He came back and we made a couple more moves and then he offered me a draw. I accepted and he said "what? I can't hear you, I am hard of hearing". As much as I don't like to judge people, if you are deaf and you mutter profanities to yourself, maybe you shouldn't come to chess tournaments.  Here is our game though. It is pretty boring.

 And there are my 2 games from day 2. My worst day of the tournament. I blundered against David Stubbs and lost the game, and I just played timidly against David Cohen and drew it. I feel alot better about my games after analyzing them than after playing them. Because it can either reassure me that it was just some stupid blunder on my part, (generally due to impatience) or in the case of this draw, pretty much dead drawn at the end of the game.