Newport Open Round 4

Jun 22, 2011, 6:37 PM |

This is the first game of day 2. I had 2/3 points and had white on board 3. I played against Josh Standig. He is from the Bay Area, but he moved to Corvallis 2-3 years ago. I don't think I've played a tournament game against him before, but I have played plenty of blitz games and games without the clock. At the OSU Club and the old world deli. He beats me most games, and seems well prepared and versed in his openings. Some tournaments, if there are only 2 rounds on Sunday, time controls are switched to 40/120 + SD/60. Those games are a bit longer than I appreciate or think I could even properly use. I'd either be wasting time, or not using it. But luckily the Newport Open kept the 40/90 + SD/30 controls from Saturday.



A draw against a ~1950 player was a fine result for me. I would have liked a win, but I didn't expect it after the ugly opening and the long defense. 2.5/4 points was a solid showing. I'll have to look at the Qh4 line in the Scotch to see what the theory is.


edit: glad I could validate the adage 'all rook endgames are drawn'.