Oregon Class Championships Round 2

Nov 14, 2011, 10:23 AM |

Round 2 began at 10 AM on Saturday. I was paired with Stephen Buck. I had played him before, but unfortunately my memory wasn't good enough to remember our game without coming back here and looking at it.


Looking at it now, he played the English again then, so if I had more time to prep maybe I should have learned something about it. I also didn't remember that I lost my game against him, so I didn't have revenge on my mind, just good chess.

I had black in round 2 also, but because it was a new day, I didn't really think about having black twice in a row. Also, given the relatively small pool of players in a SS sometimes you can't always alternate colors early on. I didn't really mind.

2/2. I was feeling better about my level of play after that game than I had after the first game. I didn't really do much in the opening, but I seized on his mistake, and nursed it and the kept the pressure up until I was able to force capitulation in the endgame. I might put up round 3 this evening, but now I have to get going! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments.