Portland Spring Open pt 5

Mar 24, 2010, 1:51 PM |

This was the final round of the tournament and I was 3/4 so far. Tony M. was 3/4 also, but he was playing Stephen B. who was 4/4. I figured if Tony lost, and I won, I would have 2nd place, so there was a lot of incentive for me to play for a win. It started at 3 PM and I had a headache from the greasy gross lunch I chose to eat at BurgerKing. My opponent was probably in his 50s, and we had a rather fun game, though I was out of opening knowledge very quickly due to his choice of d5.

I got a check in the mail for 47$ on Tuesday with a note saying I was clear 2nd in the Reserve with 4/5 points. So that paid for the tournament and half my bus ticket. Sure food was an expense, but I figure I would have eaten out if I was in Corvallis too, so overall, I only came out like -50$ for the weekend.