Portland Winter Open Round 5

Dec 14, 2010, 2:55 PM |

After my frustrating loss in round 4, I was a little down. And as the weekend was a long time filled with lots of chess, I was rather tired of chess as well, so I did what I could to muster enthuisiasm for the last round. I had 2.5/4 which wasn't great, as at least 1 player had 3.0 and Jim had a perfect 4/4. I think someone might have had 3.5 as well. So, things weren't that great for me. But I was paired against Dan Dalthorp. A man I have played many times before, as he lives in Albany(?) and comes to the Old World Deli fairly frequently. We played in the 5th round of the OSU Spring tourny and had an exciting round full of blunders. I suspected he would play the same line as he did in that game, but I didn't even look at it beforehand.


After 5 rounds, I had 3.5 points. A decent result. I would have been happier with 4.5! or 5, but I can't be too disappointed. My loss was to the winner who won the last round to be a perfect 5/5. And my draw was to the highest rated player. Wins against a 1300, a 1400, and a 1600. My rating after the tournament jumped to about 1690. Still provisional though, so it is quite variable. According to the PCC website "No tiebreakers used, prizes split between players with the same results"

Heres a link to the Results Table.