Down a Pawn...and Out?

Feb 13, 2015, 4:06 PM |
A number of years ago, I recall seeing a video by Yasser Seirawan in which he lectured to the beginner and intermediate crowd. Invariably, his analyses always seemed to end with something along the lines of "and, White (or Black, as the case may be) is a pawn up and winning. Let's look at the next position." The message was essentially that being a pawn up is often decisive, but that suggestion is only so meaningful to a beginner.

Here, I present my second blog post. While playing online, I engaged in an instructive sequence that I felt might be worth sharing. After being down a pawn for some time, I managed to get some pressure that led to the eventual collapse of my opponent. Again, I do not rely on computer analysis, so consider that your disclaimer.