since i was 12 years old,i started to play chess.At that time,i'm playing just for fun with my friends.My cousin tought me how to play chess.At that time,i never realized that chess change my life today.

Now i am addicted to chess.But that is not the problems.I see chess have a lot of fun in it.Chess player always thinks logically in daily life not only when playing chess but in other work too.

Many benefits that we can get from chess.If u are professional players,u mybe can become rich from chess.Mybe u can get money from tournament and chess group and association.Besides that,u can make friend around the world within the chess community.Even people never meet before.We all came from different background abut that not the problems to us for sharing our knowledge in chess.

chess also make us become a nice like a joke.but if u play it will prevent u doing some bad activities.Not only chess,sports and some kind of event that suitable for teenagers.I participate in any chess tournaments five times only.Although i never wins once,but i can gain gain xperience and make my new best friend till today.

I feel better when playing chess.I feel happy and enjoy the game.Today i am still study.When i graduate in the future,i take chess knowledge with with to share and make people interested in chess.I not force everybody to play chess like i do.Besides my professioneal career,chess also important in my life.After all,just fun and have a nice day.