NC Open changed time limit?

Question: Why change the NC Open from 30/90 to 35/90? I just don't get why the hell they do that.Why not just keep it the way they advertised?


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    You're logic seems pretty sane to me lol! As an otb player who always knows/prepares for in advance the time control, last minute changes can cause havoc to my thought process, damn straight this ain't poker! Laughing

    As I've constantly been playing stronger opponents I've recently got into time trouble on more than one occassion myself - beating stronger players takes more thought than hacking up a 1200 Cool

    Check my blog where you commented it was the King's Indian attack game (1.d4 strikes back!) and my comment to a certain player - is it justified or do I need a reality check lol or does he!? Undecided

    You gave me some great advice about knights, really helped my game and I used that knowledge in this game I'm on about. I've had a fair few expert+ level players commenting, all having something constructive to say, apart from one... and I just thought it's gotta be earbashing time I don't care he's almost 2400 I don't want him spamming my page! Do I need a CAT scan or am I justified? Check the comments Wink

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    That might explain poor play as well.

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    I had no issues with time.  

    Of course, I only won one game, against a kid rated just over 200 (I'm seriously, and he almost beat me), and my rating will likely drop into the triple-digits.   Blew winning positions against higher-rated opponents in all 3 of my losses ... but I had plenty of time on the clock!

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    I had time pressure in all my games and I saw several people lose because of this change.I contribute it to my loss in my last game a played.

    I feel like everyone was lied to.I had been training for 30/90 for several months and I could not make myself not average 3 minutes a move.Getting to the last thirty minutes with 15 moves to go instead of 10 was not good for my chess.

    I took this tournament serious and trained accordingly.I have realized now that these tournaments are not about the prize cause if they cared about that they would not be changing rules at the last minute and there would not be any rebuys.

    So if I ever enter another it will be strictly for the experience and I will enter the "Open Section"

    I would have lost my first game if not for my opponent resigning on the 30th move! I didn't hear the announcement of rule change and I was going to take at least a ten minute break after move thirty and would have lost on time.I would have pitched a fit!

    In the second game time pressure was a big factor on me and my opponent and it kept eating at me that they had changed the rule and I kept wondering why the hell they did it.

    The third game was very difficult.I had thirty seconds to go on my last move! The opening went hay wire so I spent more time in the beginning.If the standard rule of 30/90 was in place I know I would have done well.

    The two rounds Is a bit much for me at this time also.I can not play two rounds without getting,well,pretty much bored(burned out) with the want of going home to rest.

    I decided on the way home that I just was burned out and with that rule change I was going to say something to these guys holding the tournament and I didn't want to seem like a brat.I don't know if anyone else complained but just that five moves added on burned at me for three rounds and I was getting more pissed by the minute.

    If someone invest their  time and money in any sporting event and they have a rule change at the very last minute of said event this is not fair to any  of the participants.

    could you imagine what the Master section would have done or said if they changed their time limits at the last minute?I don't know if this is common practice but this is very bad for the sport of Chess and I am sure that this will cause many to not participate in the future.

    If and when I enter another one of these and they change this rule at the last minute again I will immediatly protest to them and let them know that I expect a refund and I will leave without the first round....

    This ain't damn poker!!Laughing


    AM I BEING TO HARSH? Give me a reality check if so.

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    I was surprised by that too.  A bit unusual for me, but that did cause some slight time pressure for me in some of my games.  I used more time in my games than usual this weekend, but playing higher rated opponents will do that...

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