Pray for Patrick

Aug 27, 2008, 6:41 PM |

A friend of mine is going to Houston soon to get a check on his heart. I know you know nothing about him, so I'll give you a bit of information.

We are not close friends, more like aquantances. That means, I do not know all the little details, but I do know enough to know the seriousness of the case.

Both him and his sister (a year apart) were born with heart problems, but her's was much worse. They were both active in sports until this problem was discovered, and their docotor told them that sports were to much strain on their hearts. His sister's condition was so bad that she had to be in a wheelchair. I remember eating lunch with her my sophmore year in highschool. She was a very friendly girl and smiled alot. No heart problem was going to get in her way. In fact, she was on a waiting list for a new heart. And when one just right for her came in, she immeditaly left to go get it. She could not afford to wait around on another one.

She was fine and dandy a for a few years until this January, when she had a heart attack. I remember having a dream the night it happened that a friend of mine lost a syboling. I had no idea the dream would touch anywhere near the truth.

I went to the visitation; sadly, I couldn't make it to the funeral. If you had not known anything about the family, you would have almost thought them heartless. The thing was, as I found out while talking to Patrick, they knew something like this was going to happen. The only thing was, the expected that if it did, it would have happened to Patrick, not his sister, since she was the one who got the heart tranplant.

So, now you know a bit about how serious this heart check-up is. I'm praying for good results, as is he and everyone else who really cares about him. And I ask that any of you who care enough about a stranger just because they're human and need it, that you would pray for him.