Sneaking In

Aug 28, 2008, 11:59 AM |

Unlike most teenagers who like to sneak out of school, or who like to sneak into parties or different places where they should techincally pay or something like that to get into, I snuck into the high school the other morning. Why? Well, I graduated, and I miss all my friends. Oh, btw, you don't know this ;). kay?

I easily blended in with most of the students, considering that in my senior year people kept asking me if I was a sophmore (funny, when I was a freshman, people thought I was a Junior....). Well, my UIL coach easily spotted me as I walked in, so I cooly walked up to her and we had a nice chat, you know, after the whole "What are you doing here!?!"

"Shhhh.... you don't see me. I'm not here!"

So, afterwards, I calmly made my way to the office, as if I was going to go get one of those sticky things you put on your shirt that they write your name one that has "guess pass" on it. But, alas, on my way, I ran into my friend who just so happen to sit at one of the tables near the office door, just like last year. OMG! Who would have thought!?!?!

So, I run up to the one they call Condor, the first fish I claimed my Junior year, and gave him a HUGE hug! But, alas! He's dyed his hair black! Such a shriking contrast to the bleached hair last year that made him look like a wanna-be Japanese blonde wanna-be, if that makes any sense...

The, low and behold, I spy that notorious Gustav! My poor knee last year! I had so much bi love for him in my knee that it bruised up! But, it was a pretty purple *cute face*. Haha! So, I get him back by hugging him while he's sitting in that silly little chair of his! I liked the style of shirt he wore that day... But, I give him a five so I could devilishly feel his soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft (ect) hands!!!! They're like.... silk! So... soft... So, I confuse the crap at him as I ran my hand along his palm. He thought I was trying to do some kind of secrect hand-shake, but I kept petting his hand, and he was like "Oh... I thought you were trying to do some kind of secret hand-shake" and I was like "pssshh! No! I just wanna feel you're soft hands!" and he's like "... .... ... oh.... okay... here...." and offers his hand for me to pet. ^^ Trust me, no, we don't like each other, we just joke about it all the time, expecially since James thinks we'd make the cutest couple. .... I had to get onto him for not giving me a bare-hug... I taught him how to give good bare-hugs and he gives the best now, and he didn't even give me a bare-hug after that! "Hey, kid! I own you! Give me a bare-hug!" I need to say that next time I see him... do I own him anymore now that I've graduated *sob* ... ... Of course i do! *puts little horns on* I need to ask him about that honors English he's takin'... I'm glad we finally convinced him to join the nerds....

Oh, then, I spot the dreadful Ninja... ... and he's sitting on the other side of the table... and I cannot reach him due to all the peoples in the way.... so, what do I do? The only logical thing to do of course! Jump on the table and nearly tackle him off of it!!!!! And he's all like "wtf fairy, have you lost your mind!", but he didn't say it. I think he inquired about it, but, I can't recall. So, we talked, while I sat in the middle of the octogan table, and asked him why he ingored me all summer and didn't call me, and he said he lost my number. Haha, lier, he sooo ignored me. Then I teased with him askin' him why he didn't have it memorized, I had his memorized, and I proved it! Oh, and I had to get onto him about the whole SSN mess up at UNT 'cause of the last 2 digits of his phone number and the last 2 of my SSN are soooo close. off by one. Anyways, So I told him I missed him (like I told the other guys) and he all cocky-like says "Of course you did. I'm amazing!" and I'm like "uh, no you're not! btw, I'm sure you missed me! 'Cause you know I'm just that amazing!" And the silly boy froze up, but with one of those faces he always wears when he doesn't know what to say or doesn't want you to know what he's thinking. hahaha *evil horns*.

So then I had to give everyone goodbye huges (after explaining why I was there and figuring out everyone's lunch. Ninja has to be so frustrating and have a different lunch than everyone else), and the hugs were so fun, 'cause I made the guys move back and forth ever so violently *angel face*. So, then, I ran out so i could catch my class in the tech center (where I'm taking college courses) less than next door away. Like, it's almost attached to the highschool practically.

Man... i love those guys... I missed them all soooooo much....

Oh, and we forgot all about Jeff... 'cause he wasn't there, 'cause he went and been smart and took zero-hour classes, like I probably would have done too... ... ....

So, my upper-classmen years, these boys stalked me... so I promised them once I graduated, one day I'd be back, and I'd stalk them.

So, yesterday, after buying my speech book, as I pulled out of the parking lot, I spotted a green bug with yellow wheels pulling out too. This could mean only one thing: the red-headed, nerdy Jeff. E-gasp! Here's my first chance to stalk one of them! Perfect, since he doesn't live to far out of the way on my route home. So I do just that. I stalk him. And i'm in my mom's corvet: a vehicle that he's not seen me drive before. And he realized someone was stalking him as soon as he pulled into the drive way, and he wondered "Who that!?! Who's following me!" I pulled up beside him, and he waved at me, that sudden "oh... YOU'RE following me..." face. Hehe. I parked the car, jumped out, gave him a hug, found out his lunch, and chatted with him, then his mom when she came out, for awhile. That was fun. I told them I'd stalk them, and I'm holding true to this promise.

Ah... just another day of high school... ... or at least... a day after graduation pretending it's just another day of high school.... I miss those boys.... and I love them.... And if any of you try to hurt my fish I'll kill you!!!! (well.... I guess they're not my fish anymore, considering they're now Juniors and Sophmores.... *sob* They grow up so fast!)