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The Baby

The Baby

Sep 7, 2008, 7:01 PM 2

Awww... it'n she sweet? 6 pounds, 4 ounces. 17 inches. Ten fingers. Ten toes. A head full of black hair. Her mother's eyes and nose. Her dad's lips and temper...

For more pics, check out Mysticaldragonmagic's pictures.

It's my best friend's neice. Mysticaldragonmagic's so happy to finally be an uncle. Yes, uncle, long story, leave me some sort of message if you'd like to hear it. But, unfortunatly, dragon was unable to come to town to see her. In fact, she still hasn't been able to come see her. As soon as I found this news, I ran up to the hospital with my camera and started taking as many pictures as I cool. I was finally able to go in and see Amanda (the mom) after everyone just about left. I offered to stay with her since the dad wasn't going to stay. He was so tired that as soon as he got home he passed out on the floor.

I went home and sent the pics to dragon. She wanted to be the one who put the pictures up on chess.com. I've got more than those, but I have to wait for her premission before I can show them to the public. She'll probably be the one to do it.

after that, I headed back up there for some pizza and to see if Amanda wanted me to stay the night. She did. So I did. Along with her best friend. I got the most sleep out of the group, which was only about 3 hours. We were so tired. I stayed most of the next day, Saterday, up there with Amanda so she didn't have to be by herself, until another one of her friends showed up about 2:30. I gave her a hug goodbye, then went home to do some work for dad, but I ended up fighting going to sleep soooo much that I didn't get anything done. haha. Then my family went out to eat.... and I stayed up alittle bit hoping to see at least one of 2 people last night, either dragon or... well... Embarassed someone I really wanted to talk to... heck, or both.... *sigh* still haven't gotten a chance to talk to that other person. So sad. Oh well. I almost didn't go to church this morning, but I figured God was more improtant than sleep. How I feel is, if I can stay up late for friends, I can get up earlier for God too. Dang... I didn't read ch3 of hist... nor get my spanish book... oh well... goodnight... I need it... zzz....

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