Vacation (The end)

Jul 10, 2008, 6:20 PM |

Yay! My second blog ever. okay....

 So, after Yellowstone and all, we went to Crazy Horse. Best way I can describe it: After that, Mount Rushmoore seemed pretty lame... Crazy Horse was pretty cool 'cause it had an orintational video that got you in the mood for it and explaining it then after seeing it and what it's supose to look like when it's done, you got to go around and see many Indian, or Native American (which ever you prefer), artifacts. actual indian artifacts that were donated. You also got to meet the cheif of the indian trip that requested for this to be done (different cheif, same tribe), and you got to dance with a few of the indians that were there. So, overall, it was pretty neat. Mount Rushmoore.... you just walked around the mountain and where like "wow... cool... presidents' faces" and that was about it. There was no real way to learn more about the mountain and what-not. Then you see that it wasn't supose to just be the heads, but all the way down to their waists, and as far as I could tell, there was no explianation of why they didn't finish. We did get to see a man reinact Lincoln, which was pretty cool, even if alot of what he said was bull (according to my father). We could have seen Roosevelt too, but my little, 8-year-old brother (joined chess today, degger_fire) and mom got board, so...

As were were driving through Nebraska, we stopped in Nebraska city to see the Arbor Day Farm. It was pretty neat. If you like trees and nature walks and such, and you're passing by, it's a nice little place to stop. Only Fire (my lil bro) and I really enjoyed it though...

Then we got home! What a releif!

The grass was like 4-ft tall!!!! so, dad goes to mow it... a rock jumps up... shatters mom's scion's back window... which we went and got fixed today. And, oh! I got news that I got a $6,000 scholarship from UNT, the school of my choice! (well, sorta...) Thank the Lord! But, still... father says it'd still be cheaper to go to the Junior college here for the first year... grrr... so, we've applied for a waver so I can live off campus first year.... which apparently is really hard for a freshman just out of highschool to do... oh well.... wish me luck, or pray for me... whichever