Jul 2, 2008, 10:33 PM |

Okay, so this is the first blog I've ever done. Reason I feel like starting one now? I don't know... just felt like it.

So, though most people probably don't really care about my vacation, for those who do and don't know already, it's been... interesting...

 My church went to this amazing waterpark known as Schilterbahn (sp?) in New Branfuls, Texas. I was on the winning team, so I got to go for free, and Schilterbahn... ah! I've been there several times and I ain't passing up a free chance to go! It's amazing! So, it was great hanging out with my bestest friend in the whole widest world on the RiverWalk in SanAnotnio. We both giggled and joke about that being where we'd go for our honeymoons, since it's such a beautiful place. She, of course, had the bright idea of wearing heals... heh... I ended up walking the riverwalk barefooted and carried her shoes while she wore my flip-flops. She doesn't really own flats since her only girly feddish is shoes. And, personaly, I love going barefoot. You can't call a place home until you can walk around barefooted. Funny, I've done that at school too... ran around it...  I mean, you can run from one hall on one side of the school to the other in heals.

Then we went to Schilterbahn the next day. We did it a bit backwards than I'm use too, but it was nice. I had been looking forward to sharing one of my favorite places (Cedar Point being the tie for first) with my best friend. Unfortunaly, water isn't her best friend... I was able to enjoy the 3rd and 2nd park with her, but the first I had to enjoy with the paster, the new youth ministors, and Jason. Jason's wife hung out with dragon (my friend) since she was scared of the water too... Jason thought it brilliant to start her off with the Master Blaster, one of the only 2 or 3 roller coaster like rides- the rest are basically intertubing.

 It was all enjoyable though.

The third day with the church, they went to the Alamo, but since my family has seen it before, we started heading on the the grand canyon in our RV. ... ...

We rode through mountains and such to see some forts and what-not... That was our first mistake... on our way to el paso... the transmission went out in the middle of nowhere. 20 miles either direction to the next town. No cellphone service... heck, not even statlite service. But, the first person we flagged down stopped and took my dad and got us help. Half the people who drove by stopped to see if we were okay, and one family even stopped to visit with us. We temporarily fixed it with baling wire and duct tape.

We go to the next town, Kent, and all it is is a gas satition... We get to an RV park in a little town called Van Horn. It was Saterday when it broke down... so, we couldn't get any help the next day, which was Father's Day. So, we sat around and did nothing. At least we had internet service and there was a pool, and I had the first season box set of Ruroni Kenshin... 

So my dad had it set up that a machanic would come Monday morning to fix it while we were out touring this ranch, Red Rock Ranch, where a few movies had been taped: Blue Skies, Dead Man's Walk, Three Barials, and an Ozoka comercial. That was pretty neat. There was some pretty cool rock formations and there was precrabrian rock! For those who don't know, that's rock so old it doesn't have fossils in it. Typically, it's underground, deep underground, but her ranch was just that weird.

Wires got crossed and the transmition man didn't come until that afternoon and said he couldn't fix it until Tuesday, so we spent all Tuesday in their gradage. He let us borrow his jeep though.

after fixing that, we booked it to El Paso and just passed through it. We had resvervations at Yellowstone we didn't want to miss. We get to some town in Arizona call "Eloy"... Mom pulls up behind a truck at a stop sign, and the RV stalls... We're close to a flying J, so we call them and get a macanic. The fuel pump went out... we spent the night in their gradage. No internet service... some cellphone service. I still have Kenshin ^^ (I decided to watch it sparingly, one disk per day. one more to go). This town had nothing but a dollar genral. Then, we discovered it did have something. The only thing the town had going for it: a skydiving place. They have the second biggest windtunnel in the world, and it's one of the few that's not climate control, so the millitary comes out and trains in it. Heck, the day we went to it, the army used it after us, then the next day the German army was coming in. So, we got to do some indoor skydiving, which was great, since I've always wanted to skydive.

We get done there and book it to the Grand Canyon. We fly over it then drive around it and the next day watched an Imax. I soooo want to go down the Colorado River! It'd be great to actually go into the canyon. To hike, to camp, to raft! That'd be a dream vacation. my older brother got scared after watching the Imax.... such a loser... that made me want to go... the boat almost flipping... that looks cool.

So we see some other stupid fort, walk 1.5 miles to it, then back... I freakin' wake up and dad says "We're going for a hike!" all I had time to do was put clothes on and shoes... no breakfast, and I had no supper the night before. On top of it, I'm a breakfast person... i need my breakfast... the only meal of the day I have to have, even if I overslept it....

We get to Lake Havasu... see the London Bridge... to me... "Big Whoop...." 

We made it over to the Hoover Dam. Mom broke out in hives, really bad.... so she didn't really get out. We decided to drive over it... and the breaks went out... dad had to use the parking break just to get down to it. So, when we got over it, we found an RV park (no internet :( ) but as a family we watch 3 movies. 

The next day we get to Las Vages, drop the RV off in a shop, rent a car, then take mom to the doctor. The doctor cleared up mom's hives real quick, which was cool, but we were left the rest of the day stuck in Vegas... yes, stuck... I'm a modest, teenage girl who loves nature and rejects popular culture... and I'm in Vegas.... hmmm... plus, there's the 8 year old in the group... we try to find some place to eat... which was a nightmare... then trying to navigate that stupid city.... was a nightmare. We ended up staying and eating at Circus Circus, and their Circus was slightly.... disapointing... I mean, i was expecting a Circus, not a 5 minute preformance of one group (which was good) then "Come back for the next act in 30 minutes!"

The next day we were still stuck, so went back to the Hoover Dam and became Dam Tourists with a Dam Tour Guide... heh...  As soon as the breaks where finished, we booked it to Yellowstone since, it being Tuesday and our reservations being that wensday.... we needed to be there. well, we found out when we got there that the restervations were for Thursday. So we stayed in an RV park just outside, and the next day we went in. There was not internet in Yellowstone... good thing my status was set to vacation.

well, Yellowstone was cool. I would have liked to hike and such there, but we didn't really. we got to see 5 bears! It actually very rare to see bears in Yellowstone. Most people don't ever see them. and we got to see a mother and her two cubs. We also got to see 3 white wovles and 2 cyotes, which are also rare. The last day, coming back in, we almost ran over a moose. As for Bison... they get annoying after awhile...

We also visited Jacksonhole, Wyoming! It was pretty cool! We ate in a Tavern, went up a ski lift, walked around a nature trail, then watched the shoot-out in the town. Man, that shoot-out was fun! My 8 year old brother basically picked up 3 girls there. Our waitress at the tavern and 2 of the girls from the shoot-out. They thought he was sooo cute that we got a big thing of popcorn free for the show. We watched a musical that the actors in the shoot-out preformed. The playhouse of Jacksonwhole, you've got to go to it if you ever go there. The food's good and the atmoshpere is amazing!

Well, we got out of Yellowstone yesterday. Today we saw Custar's (sp?) last stand and Devil's Tower. And now we're in an RV park somewhere in Wyoming I believe. In the next couple of days we're planning on seeing Mount Rushmore then we're heading back down to Texas. Home! Can't wait!