A Creative Bullet Opening: 1. b3!

A Creative Bullet Opening: 1. b3!

NM nOcHeaTiNgKiD
Sep 13, 2014, 7:46 PM |

Hello everyone!

I enjoy playing bullet very much, and have always hated playing real openings in bullet. Instead, I've been trying to find "crazy openings" to confuse the opponent. With lots of experimenting, I have found that 1.b3! is a very good move in bullet!

For the last week, I have played only 1.b3 as white in my games on ICC, and my results have been very good! The way I play it is NOT the opening theory on it. However, it is my own creative ideas which leads to quick attacks! 

Here is one example of a quick and nice win I had with it

The next game shows a wild attack which clearly doesnt work in blitz.. 
This next game is a very strong win from a bunch of weird-looking moves!
This next game I played the dubious f4?!, which I would not recommend for your games :) Sometimes I just am so confident in these attacks that I play it anyways!
This next game had a pretty nice mate.. but my attack was just terrible, when he could've won a bunch of my pieces. However, he was a bit scared by my 'aggression" and decided to passively defend. However, this is a good example of how my queenside is hard to attack!
Finally, I would like to show you a game which I made an opening blunder twice!! If you would like to play my suggested opening, watch out for this!
Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to try out this attack! I have never studied this attack in detail, so if you have any suggestions on this, I would love to see it!
~ Samuel He