To dim psychology of chess triumph

To dim psychology of chess triumph

Dec 3, 2009, 5:33 PM |

Hi chess buddies! Didn't you play a chess game with me yet?

Mostly you didn't, because the chess community at is so large that there's no one person played one by one with all others.

That doesn't matter but what is in the chess occupied heads while playing namely chess? What's there except strategy and tactics thoughts?

Emotions: Fear! Gladness and pleasure!

That all stuff helps and troubles you. That makes you addictive to chess battles as in real life you pain and rejoice.


Nervous means having nerves


Positive thinking and hope force us to withstand hard chess positions and to continue challenging on.

Negative thinking once or twice got into your mind while playing a concrete game against a definite opponent destroys the before done work, the forms and the lines you developed! There must be errors in your moves... and you loose.

Can anyone apply he or she is free from emotions, that she or he is emotionally neutral and has a pure grossmeister chess mind? Can you, chess buddies?


Easiness and lightness are needed for a flight


Though you supposedly didn't play with me, all the readers of my blog are challenged to take a chance having a game against me. Come!