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What Chess Means In Personal and Global Evolution

What Chess Means In Personal and Global Evolution

Dec 8, 2009, 11:14 AM 2

We all here at Chess.com love chess battles with chatting at the time of playing. There's no argue about the player's evolution but what it consists of? What gives us spending so much time at chess?

The one's memory is getting better, the wit is sharpening, separate acts are becoming precise, accurate and opportune.

What are chess figures? They're our slaves that move according to our free will.

The personal environment always includes those guiding us and those subordinate to us. Public life itself is like chess: we use others to achieve personal goals and we're being used in "chess games" started by others. We may be from pawns to queens.

As I experienced in my life there are lots of people not playing chess games at all, they don't even know the standard chess rules. Such humans do a lot of errors and suffer because of them more than those playing chess from time to time or regularly or for years.

 My conclusion is as following: humans appeared after inventing chess and starting to play it. This differs humans from monkeys.

And at modern time we, chess players, support and defend the human evolution against degradation and devolution... in games whenever we loose or win.

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